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Merry new Xmas year and junkty, junk, junk, junk. . .  
12:33am 24/12/2009
Wow, been on a while since I've been on. It's like a day before Christmas and unlike the east, it's not horrible craps of snow coming down on us. I live in Nevada and its pretty nice out here, only chilly winds and nights. I know almost everybody is going to spend Christmas with their family, hopefully all you guys have a great time during the whole time and a happy New Year. . . 
Hope you guys write great fanfic's and get better ideas. But, also enjoy real life and accomplish all the things you want out of life (because eventually life can be bitch and we all have to deal with it on it's day's)
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(no subject)  
06:17am 10/03/2009
                          "When I was asked if i believed in God, it only seemed like a question every other human being on 

earth had to tell. Looking up, the first thing I noticed were his eyes. They were so pitch-black. Hollow with no life in

them, hiding behind his glasses. His hair was just as dark as ever. Wearing the formal uniform of a Sanzo Priest,

but with no marking of a chakra on his forehead. It only made me wonder, why was he smiling like that. . .
mood: optimisticoptimistic
music: Jimi Hendrix
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